THE ANAUROCH LIVES.  That is the cry that has gone up from the various tribes of Bedawen who call the desert home.  Ancient wells once again flow with water.  Oases have seemingly appeared overnight, often near ancient ruins once peopled by the nameless ones… the once rulers of the alien Black City.  Strange elemental storms and twisters have appeared throughout the desert, blowing away dust to reveal ruins.  

The desert is growing.  All the realms that border the desert are noticing it creeping forward into their lands.  Although it is curious, for those closer attuned to nature the pace of the spread is worrisome.  To that end it has piqued the curiosity of such people and drawn some here for study. 

To practitioners of the arcane, the new curious power of Bedawen sand art has raised some interesting questions.  Although these symbols have been used for millennia by the nomadic people to ward off spirits, bless occasions and more, it now appears that they draw upon a magical resource.  Whatever the resource is it seems clear it is not the weave.  These are not calculated glyphs one would use to do such a thing.  

Although the black network of the Zhentarim is but a shadow of its former self, there are whispers of a new secret stronghold being built in the Anauroch.  It is said that orc and gnoll tribes have been conscripted into service with the young and weak being sold as slaves to Thay.  As long as the mercenary group doesn't attempt to rebuild their keep and retake their previous lands along the Moonsea, the world at large seems to brush aside concerns and rumors of the Zhentarim as nothing more than ghost stories.

The once dead desert is alive with possibility, magic and intrigue.  Oh yes the desert is very much alive.

The Sands of Fate

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