The Sands of Fate

2. Elemental Twister

5th day of Mirtul, 1485 DR

The members of the party each individually sought the safety of a cave deep in the Anauroch desert when a strange elemental storm appeared. During the storm the members of the party were forced to fight off strange grey dwarves who were hunting for someone. Afterwards while acid rain fell outside the cave the members of the party banded together and set a watch. At some point in the night all the members fell asleep.

Maera, a druid of the Far Forest was monitoring the advancement of human settlers in the lands of the Nether Mountains. Her master having declared she was ready to find her own paths, suggested the region to her. Here nearly all the human settlements had been destroyed a hundred years earlier when great orc hordes swung south. The area is once again slowly being poplulated by miners panning the rivers stemming from the Nether Mountains.

The mountains are very dangerous and even a druid is to be wary of that range. While contemplating her life the druid noticed to her utter amazement a strange swirling vortex of fire and lightning making its way west through the sky like a huge volcano. It slammed into the peaks nearby, and although fraught with danger the druid made her way up the ridge to discover what had taken place.

When she arrived whe found a strange elf in leather, and a high elf in shining armor with ivy filigree. She attempted to awake the curious pair by nudging them with a very long stick. After much prodding she was able to wake up the pair. They awoke with a start noticing that the desert nomads, their duergar captive, and NDolka were all missing.

Only moments later the group was set upon by orcs. After defeating the monsters while avoiding the 500 ft fall nearby the group decided to leave the ridge and head for Lilly Brook, the only settlement nearby.

Maera led the others off the ridge and into a meadow where from their vantage they could see that a group of orcs had cornered an elf. Charging into the fray the party members risked life and limb to come out just ahead and managed to save the cleric Galinndan Amastacia.
Now the party is faced with a choice. Take the ridge line down and risk more orc battles, or take the low road through the thick primordial woods and risk the beasts…



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