Devil Girl of Delimbiyr Vale

Dark haired, empty eyed floating girl with a deathly palor.


Near the shore of the pond is a young girl of perhaps 10 seasons with deathly pale skin and black unkempt hair. The sockets of her eyes reveal only a swirling foggy darkness, and her long fingernails are black and sharp. In her arms she holds the lifeless body of a villager. The dead man bears strange slashing claw marks with charred edges.


The party encountered this abomination just south of Lilly Brook in the confines of the Far Forest. During a brief battle with the creature it was discovered that slashing weapons caused injuries that seem to somehow be dulled. Piercing weapons seem to have the most effect.

After the final battle with the creature, the body started to age rapidly. Fearful that he might lose a trophy to something becoming gelatinous like its prey, NDolka severed the head. However instead of becoming a black jelly-like blob, the body and the head shrank down to the size of a baby. The flesh vanished and the party was left looking at skeletal remains that were completely black as though made of obsidian.

Devil Girl of Delimbiyr Vale

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