Nybor Araval, The Learned

Easy going, well groomed, fifty something scholar and traveler.


A mid fifties, well groomed man with graying hair and a keen blue eyes. His clothing is of the latest fashion on the coast with various touches here and there of other cultures scattered throughout the lands. He is quick to smile, and is well spoken but has a tendency to assume what you might say, or interrupt. Frequently Nybor can be located at the tavern enjoying the best wine the establishment has to offer. Nybor has a tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve and seems to think his views are generally right.


The party ran into Nybor Araval in Lilly Brook at the Dozing Damsel Inn. He was quite curious about NDolka, having deduced that the half orc was of a nomadic desert tribe from his garb. Nybor revealed himself to be a scholar and traveler, having journeyed through parts of most of Faerun. So far he has revealed that he studied magic under the well known abjurist Orwan Philos of Neverwinter. He also has revealed that he spent a year with the Andari, a wood elf people who inspired his love of plant life.

Nybor reveals that he will be journeying to Kelmarane, the only and sacred city of the Bedawen people and could use a guide, as well as guards for the dangerous journey. He is interested in the ancient sand drawings of the desert people which have suddenly been able to call upon arcane power. According to rumors, the sand art contains no methodology for calling upon the weave. Nybor wants to make the journey so as to arrive during the week long festival of choice, the only time when all the Bedawen people gather together as one.

Nybor Araval, The Learned

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