The Sands of Fate

5. Into the Delimbiyr Vale

8th day of Mirtul, 1485 DR

6:45 am – The party awakes and prepares to depart with their three fishermen guides at dawn.  Nybor is nowhere to be seen but his snores can be heard through the thick oak door of his private room.  The party elects to leave him sleep.

8:00 am – The party leaves the thick oak and cedar Far Forest and enters into the emerald green Delimbiyr Vale.  Thick mountain grasses cover much of the vale floor with clusters of trees dotting the landscape here and there.  The party follows the path of the stream west towards the center of the valley.  On their way they see various homesteads lying in disrepair.  Fields of wheat, long since untended grow wildly now.

12:30 pm – The party takes lunch at an area of the valley called the Riffle Water, right where the foothills of the Nether Mountains have their southern most point on the eastside of the vale. 

6:00 pm – The party makes camp for the night.  With the fishermen on the bank of the Lilly Brook, and the party a hundred yards north to "protect the fishermen".  As light fades from the valley their is the sounds of yells and splashing from the river.  Upon investigation it is nothing more than Nybor with his new horse.  He moves towards the companies fire, smelling the dinner stewing in the pot.  Tarel follows behind grabbing the reigns of Nybor's horse before it wanders off and tethering it to a nearby tree.



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