The Sands of Fate

6. Screams in the Night

9th day of Mirtul, 1485 DR

4:00 am – On Tarel's watch, he hears a scream of agonizing pain followed by yells and calls for help from the fishermen.  He races to the scene to discover a fisherman being pulled by his bleeding leg by an invisible force.  Moments later a large black dog appears, viciously attacking the fisherman.  The dog, the party knows is a shadow mastiff, a breed that populates the area.  The rest of the party members now awakened by the commotion rush to aid the fishermen.  The dog howls into the night, a spine shivering sound, and to many that hear it they start to flee.  Undaunted, Maera and Tarel attack the large beast eventually landing enough blows to send the creature running.  However with a remarkable shot, Tarel ends the beasts life. 

Unfortunately for the fisherman the beast got at his unprotected throat.  The aid of the party comes to late as the man is already dead. 

6:50 am – His friends insist on a burial which takes the better part of two hours.  

9:00 am – The remaining fishermen leave the Lilly Brook and lead the party cross country now slightly north of an easterly heading.  The party crosses several streams, and creeks, pressing through waist high grasses.

3:00 pm – The party arrives at the northern most confluence of the Delimbiyr River. Here, two Nether Mountain rivers, The Silver Rush, and The Frigid Flow merge.  The fishermen point north west along the east shore of the Frigid Flow river.  There, a few miles distant is the great flat topped hill.  Even from this distance it is obviously man made, looking more like the grassy base of a pyramid than a hill.

3:20 pm – The party investigates the hill and discovers two gelatinous blobs reeking of sulfur.  One on the top of the hill and one on the northern side.  The party also discovers what looks to be a sink hole directly in the center of the mound.  The hole is perhaps 10 feet in diameter.  Lacking anything to tie the rope onto, the party shoves a spare sword into the earth of the mound and ties a rope firmly to the hilt.  NDolka lowers himself down, confirms that there is no immediate danger and then is followed by the rest of the party.

3:30 pm – The companions stand in a rotunda that was once paved with flagstone.  The ceiling that the party entered through is about twenty feet high.  NDolka chooses one of the several tunnels leading from the room and the companions start their exploration.

3:35 pm – The tunnel gives way to a room.  Here there are slight depressions in the dirt floor indicating ancient burials.  On the wall of the room near each depression are words written in an unreadable language.  Nybor thinks it looks like the runic language of the northern barbarians who live in the central tundra region of the frozen wastes.  He does not however read it, having only lived for a few years in and near Ice Wind Dale on the coast.

3:40 pm – The party continues into another similar room and hears a hiss coming from ahead.  Moments later the devil girl appears and an battle ensues.  Aided by better weaponry the battle is short lived and the party emerges victorious.

After the final battle with the creature, the body started to age rapidly.  Fearful that he might lose a trophy to something becoming gelatinous like its prey, NDolka severed the head.  However instead of becoming a black jelly-like blob, the body and the head shrank down to the size of a baby.  The flesh vanished and the party was left looking at skeletal remains that were completely black as though made of obsidian.


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